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“Our son was in desperate need for Feeding, Speech/Language and Occupational therapies.  Finding the right therapist, was proven to be the hardest task throughout this frustrating process.  For months, we cycled through a dozen outfits, with no progress.  Well, that all changed when we heard about PLAY works therapies.  I say it like this, if you are looking for a miracle worker, then Jill is the answer.  Plain and simple. Jill is very Skilled, and was able to meet our Rising Star at his level.  In a short time, he achieved many milestones under her care.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s really hard to capture, in words, how Amazing this group has been for our son.  Our advise, seek PLAY Works Therapies FIRST.  You will be glad you did.

Thank you Jill and team for Exceeding our Expectations.   -Ray and Dianne Hitti

Kinsey has been utilizing speech therapy through Play Works at Jacksonville School for Autism (JSA) since she started less than two years ago. Kinsey's speech has just blossomed, especially in the past year. I love how her speech therapist is a part of her JSA team and always in the loop with what her other therapists are working on including ABA and OT. Everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals for Kinsey. Kinsey has formed a special bond with her speech therapist Bernie (Bernadette) and I love seeing pictures of them working together. I can tell she is having such a good time and truly happy to be working:)  

Thank you, Katie Nelson

I was on the search for an SLP for our son who was trained in TalkTools, an Oral Placement Therapy technique.  After a few sessions with Jill at Play Works Therapy, I knew I finally found the perfect fit.  Jill is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and keeps our son engaged, which is no small feat.  Speech therapy is hard and a non-preferred activity for him, yet Jill is fantastic at keeping him on task and happy.  We have seen a huge improvement in his speech since starting with Jill, and we couldn’t be more pleased with his progress.  - Ann K.

“Our family has worked with PlayWorks Therapies for almost 3 years now with Nikki, and her impact has been invaluable. She has always been attentive to our concerns with their speech development and helps us through obstacles that arise. Both of our children at the ages of 3 communicated through very few words and undesirable behaviors. With the collaboration of their school’s team, their language has blossomed. Our 5 year old son now speaks in phrases and sentences, can confidently express his thoughts and feelings, and exceeds expectations academically. Our 4 year old daughter’s speech becomes clearer everyday, and we have begun to hear sentences, along with her singing voice, more and more. We are forever thankful to Nikki and her team.”

-Evans Family

My son Maguire has really enjoyed therapy, for a few reasons…. He absolutely loves all the attention he gets and face to face fun as he works on pronouncing each word a little better after each attempt.  I’ve noticed too recently, since he started therapy BACK after too long of a break, he is watching my mouth NOW for more direction, which is always going to help him improve.  Slowing down to think about his words and how to form each sound with his mouth and tongue and lips is something that does NOT come natural for my son.  He NEEDS the 1:1 that ONLY his speech therapist can give him.  I’m so lucky that he loves his therapist and the work surrounding it.  They make it so fun and enjoyable, otherwise he would NOT participate and they would KNOW it.  Maguire tends to get bored easily or lose focus so it’s not easy to maintain his attention and desire to work.  Play Works has the highest skilled therapists who actually take their time to learn and understand my sons needs and attend to them individually, which you just can’t find in any classroom setting.  I’m so thankful to see the recent growth too!  Just by having a few sessions, I can see the effort my son puts forth, just trying to sound out common everyday words we speak without hesitation.  Maguire really has to work for it, to get the sounds out and to get them right.  Thanks to Play Works, he’s getting closer and closer to his goals of being heard AND understood.  Thanks for all you do Play Works!

-Maguire’s Mom

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