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We believe knowledge is power and want to share valuable resources with parents and caretakers in the community. The resources below offer opportunities to learn more about your child and their development.


American Occupational Therapy Association:  The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) is the national professional association that represents the interests and concerns of occupational therapy practitioners and students of occupational therapy and to improve the quality of occupational therapy services.


ASANA Apraxia-Kids:  The mission: To strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia, so that each child has their best opportunity to develop speech.


Autism Society:  The Autism Society provides information for individuals on the spectrum, family members, and professionals.


Council for Exceptional Children: The Council for Exceptional Children provides information and resources about Special Education.

Easter Seals:  Easter Seals has been providing services to those with special needs and disabilities for almost 100 years.

Family Voices:  Children and youth with special health care needs can benefit from Family Voices.


Federation for Children with Special Needs: The focus of the Federation for Children with Special Needs is on the parents and providing support for them, which in turn benefits the child with special needs.


Family Resource Center on Disabilities:  Training, assistance, and information are given to parents of children with disabilities by the Family Resource Center on Disabilities.

The International Dyslexia AssociationThe International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is an international organization that concerns itself with the complex issues of dyslexia. The IDA membership consists of a variety of professionals in partnership with people with dyslexia and their families and all others interested in The Association’s mission.


National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education (NAPCSE):  Parents of Special Education students can learn how to be their child’s best advocate.


National Center for Learning Disabilities:  Children and adults with learning disabilities will benefit from the information and resources available from the National Center for Learning Disabilities.


National Down Syndrome Society:  The NDSS supports people with Down Syndrome by providing resources such as wellness, education, and research.


Pacer Center:  The Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights utilizes the idea of parents helping parents and provides support and resources for children and youth with disabilities and their families.


Parent to Parent USA:  Parent to Parent USA offers support to parents of children with special needs.

The PROMPT Institute:   PROMPT’s multidimensional approach to speech production disorders has come to embrace not only the well-known physical-sensory aspects of motor performance, but also its cognitive-linguistic and social-emotional aspects. PROMPT is about integrating all domains and systems towards positive communication outcome.




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