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Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Early Intervention Services

Specializing in pediatrics, our speech-language pathologists are all nationally certified by The American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA), and have experience in making therapy a fun process for children. With experience helping children with Autism, fluency disorders (e.g., stuttering), swallowing disorders, cleft lips/palates, language disorders, and a host of other problems, our therapists are able to treat various conditions throughout the wide-ranging spectrum of speech therapy for children.

About Child Language Developmental Speech

After the evaluation, our Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)  will  then work with you to develop a speech therapy plan that will be carried out at home or at school  (a setting with which your child is already familiar).  Studies show that children who receive therapy services in their natural environment -- such as home, school, or daycare -- tend to show more positive benefits from their therapy.


By  having your child quickly make connections between what is learned during therapy and what is happening in their immediate natural environment, our goal is to make your child’s new communication skills a permanent part of his or her daily life.

We offer services to help your child in the following areas:

  • Autism

  • Hearing impairment

  • Articulation

  • Developmental delay 

  • Cleft lip/palate

  • Stuttering and other fluency disorders

  • Down syndrome

  • Apraxia

  • Language-based learning disabilities

  • Swallowing

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • And a host of other common and A-typical speech, language, and communication disorders

About Pediatric Occupational Therapy


It may seem strange to use the word “occupation” when talking about a child's rehabilitation. Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on supporting what “occupies” a child’s day, which primarily consists of engagement in play and self-help routines. Occupations for children are the events of daily living, such as eating, playing, getting dressed, or simply interacting with others.

Our occupational therapists (OTs) observe and evaluate how children perform in everyday contexts.  They collaborate with families to embed practical strategies into their daily routines. This includes supporting a child's play, fine and visual motor skill development, as well as independence in age-appropriate, self-care activities. Our exceptional OTs provide intervention and/or consultative support in the clinic and in natural settings, such as the child's home, preschool, or in other challenging environments.

Children who may benefit from pediatric occupational therapy services through Play Works Therapies, P.A. are those who have a history of developmental delay, cerebral palsy, autism, or any child who has difficulty fully participating in daily routines at home or in the community.


Skills OTs address include:

  • Helping increase movement, strength & coordination

  • Fine muscle movements

  • Visual & motor perception

  • Dialing living

  • Handwriting

  • Adaptive skills

  • Cognitive skills

  • Sensory processing

  • Social skills

  • Following directions & paying attention

  • Functioning in a busy (noisy) background

About Early Intervention Services

Early intervention is a system of services that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. Early intervention focuses on helping eligible babies and toddlers learn the basic and brand new skills that typically develop during the first three years of life, such as:

  • Physical - reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking

  • Cognitive – thinking, learning, solving problems

  • Communication – talking, listening, understanding

  • Social/emotional – playing, feeling secure and happy

  • Self-help – eating, dressing

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